There will be 2 great events in Brewer ME on May 15th. First a CITO!

Yes, Mainiac1957's 6th Annual Penobscot River Clean Up. This is a collaborative effort with the City of Brewer. Go to GC24KYG for more information. Hope to see you there - and did I mention - they serve a lunch and give out tee-shirts (but you must show up at starting time to sign up).

Next is Hiram357's WWFM VII. A Flash Mob Event being held near the group meeting place for the CITO. For more information on the FM Event click on this link. I have never heard of a Pot Luck at a Flash Mob - but - sounds like fun so...........hum, what great piece of candy or other delectable delight shall I bring?

Hope to see you all there - sounds like a good day! Oh - and if you want to hang around for Sunday - the expedition to BRDad's infamous cache out on Route 9 is next on the caching agenda! Check out the discussion for the expedition right here on