Ok here is the scoop. I am in the market for a new GPS. Just last week I was gifted a new Etrex "H" from my caching friends down here because they felt sorry for me whenever I went caching with them and I had to keep hitting my GPS to get it to work right...LOL, it was the original Vista since I started caching back in "03". It was my going away present from them. What great friends I have made down here all because of geocaching, just like all my friends I made while in Maine. Anyway the "H" I will be using as a backup til I decide what GPS I want. What I am asking is what do you all have for a GPS and I want to be completely paperless as possible. I have heard some comments about the Delorme and Garmins and just wanted some input from all my friends up there in Maine as to what you think. I know LT has the 550t and Brad has the 450t and some of you have the Delorme PN 40. I am so confused and am hoping some of you can lean me towards one or the other unit. Thanks Haffy.

PS I will be offline after this Friday as I will be making my move to Gainesville GA and don't know when I will be able to get online once again until I get settled into my new apartment on lake Lanier.