Just curious what drives people to buy newer and newer GPSr's as they come out? Is it a want for the latest and greatest technology or the feeling that its a necessity? I understand wanting the best because I am this way with my phone but I have a hard time rationalizing with a GPS. Just curious how many of you find yourself using all the extras with the units and ifyou find it taking some of the fun out of things? I stepped up to the 60csx two years ago from just a basic E-trex Legend and this was only due to the fact that I have the issue where i have to tap it when the screen goes out. While I liked being able to actually put more detailed maps on it, I don't really need much else.

What is it for you? Is it holding 5000 caches (who really needs this when you are updating your PQ's on a weekly basis and having to reload anyway?) Is it having satellite views? Is it color screen vs monochrome? Camera included? Mapping views?