I am on my second PN 40. My first was lost in a bushwacking cache hike. The first unit had problems with freezing up, but was absolutely accurate, often leading me right to the hide. The new unit jumps all over the place. My DNF's are rapidly increasing to the point I am not even reporting them. When I was out last after the events yest, I did seveal caches. Last last one was the ultimate test, We've aLL Bean caching. I say this because there is wide open sky there. No trees, mountains, etc. I would take one step and the pn-40 would tell me that the cache went from .64 feet away to over 29 feet away. I can turn myself 90 degrees and my cache distance will increase incredibly! The arrow does not keep up with my change in direction. When driving, I can drive for several miles and the screen is still back at the last turn! I have the latest firmware, batteries are fresh and inicator set to lithium. compass has been recalibrated. Should I be sending this one back? Calling Delorme? Is there something I missed. Wanted to stick with Delorme because I do a lot of solo kayaking and like the maps for lakes.