I take back my grumpy post of a few days ago. LaughingTerry's series of caches on the Deadwater/Lake Moxie road north of Bingham is excellent. RULost2? and went and did 21 caches before the black flies drove us out - playing leapfrog with Dubord most of the way - and we enjoyed every cache. We even jacked up the parameters of the PQ to get all the caches in the area, not just below DIFF 3/Terr3 as we usually do. Sheesh! We actually did one of his TERR4 Death Wish caches! (And it will probably be our last TERR4 cache, too.)

Everyone should put this series on top of their list of "to do" caches. I suggest using the Deadwater Road off Route 16 north of Bingham, following the old rail bed all the way to Moxie Pond, then returning to Route 201 on the Moxie Road. This loop wuld be a doable day trip even from Bangor or Augusta. (And don't forget our caches on "The Old Canada Road" - Route 201. )

In addition to all the great caches (RULost2? and I have a few in this area, too), this drive is extremely scenic, and a great opportunity to look for moose (we only saw 1 today).