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Stayed at Bradbury for 1 night and hardly had any time to cache! We were planning on staying 2 nights but a few things made us pack up and leave early.
1. Rain in the forcast for tonight and tomorrow and I didn't want to pack up in the rain. This was the main reason for leaving.
2. our site seemed to be directly downwind of the pit toilets.
3. The "firewood" we bought from the camp was just slab lumber that was still green and wet from an earlier rain and wouldn't burn well at all.
4. Woke in the middle of the night to somebody puking in the toilet. So loud you could hear him around the whole camp!
5. Workers running chainsaws in the area of the camp entrance.

I still think this camp has potential and the trail systems looked great for caching/hiking but we really had to get out. Perhaps another time we will have a better outcome.

Thanks again!
At Camp Jakeawana we pride ourselves in offering a unique camping experience for all of our campers and that's why we say "Camp Jakeawana is a camping experience like no other" -- it's even on our brochures!

We promise that it will never rain at Camp Jakeawana . . . or at least we'll never get wet if it rains . . . of course that could be due to the fact that we're in a house with a roof over our heads.

No pit toilets here . . . our bathhouse (located next to the camp store with a fully stocked refrigerator with cold beer and softdrinks) is clean, comfortable and heated (in season) . . . and we even provide free reading materials.

At Camp Jakeawana we provide all the seasoned wood you would ever need for free . . . we even feature "diesel wood" -- wood that is all natural, but burns as if it were soaked in diesel . . . this is a Camp Jakeawana exclusive. At Camp Jakeawana we love wood and it shows.

Camp Jakeawana prides itself on offering a family-like atmosphere . . . folks may come here as strangers, but they leave as friends. About the only puking going on is when the camp owner attempts to make Saudi Arabian garlic mint meatballs . . . an experience he doesn't care to repeat anytime soon.

While we will not have our camp employees sawing up wood in the early morning hours, there is a chance the owner may leave camp early with your breakfast . . .