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Thread: The one cache you would keep?

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    Thumbs up The one cache you would keep?

    This article is an extension of the Question just for fun... thread, which kind of veered off-topic.

    The question is, confronted with no other option, if you were required to remove all your caches except one, which one would you keep and why?

    I will maintain a list in this article, please feel free to reply here or in the other thread and I will update the article. If you change your mind I will edit your listing. My main objective is to have a list of caches which are most fun for the owner.

    CACHEZILLA!!! (GC1ZMKB) by Mapachi (2/3)
    I'd keep my "CACHZILLA" cache. It's too damn big to carry back out!

    Bangor Mini Adventure (GC1WCEG) by Cano (1.5/1.5)
    WhereIGo Bangor mini adventure cache. It's cool to have almost unique cache in whole Maine My second would be Pot of Gold. I like the puzzle and the cache theme. (Well until Ekidokai decided to empty clean it)

    You Sank My Battleship! (GCB688) by brdad (4/2)
    I had to think about this for a minute, but I think for the same reason cano posted - because of it's uniqueness - I'd have to go with my You Sank My Battleship cache. The location is not as spectacular as some of my other caches but it still gets some fun logs. I think the fact there are 20 people watching it means something, too.

    Bennet/Wilson (GC1XX37) by PM28570 (2/2)
    Would keep Bennett/Wilson, GC1XX37. It's a nice area, some interesting sights to see and ponder. Interesting question, Dave. I like it.

    Breakwater Lighthouse (GC1A030) by waterski (1.5/2)
    I would want to keep the Rockland Breakwater cache, because people that go there always have good things to say about the location and many might not have found the area if they weren't looking for the cache. One per year would be an interesting idea though. The places that the caches would be placed would most likely be very special places..........

    Dire Straights: Tribute to The Death Squad (GC21KNP) by SeriousTool (4/4)
    This is a tough one for me.... having SOOOO many hides.... and for all you wise-asses out there, no I wouldn't keep any of my Star Wars series... I would keep GC21NKNP DIre Straights: Tribute to The Death Squad.... read the logs. But a close second, or maybe a co-favorite would be GC1W2DF Quarry of Serenity...

    Got Moxie? (GCH9JK) by WhereAreWe (1/2)
    We'd definitely keep our "Got Moxie?" cache. It's probably the most scenic waterfall in Maine, and the walk to the cache is really representative of the Maine woods.

    3 mile Pond Hike, Sled, kayak or Whatever Cache (GC1A7BX) by dubord207 (1.5/5)
    It would have to be our 3 Mile Pond Hike, Kayak or Whatever Cache. It's the only 5.0 terrain we've put out so far but the most fun is that it's located about 70 feet from the chair I'm sitting in so we can watch cachers struggle to figure it out.

    1790's (GC24VNY) by JustKev and JustPJ66 (1/1.5)
    The Chimney (GC25FMX) by JustPJ66 & JustKev (1/1.5)
    They're the only ones we have so we'd keep them. Besides, we put them where they are because we thought they were in somewhat historical sites.

    French's Mountain (GCJFZR) by Haffy (adopted by Team2hunt) (2/3)
    Since I dont have any caches I can call mine anymore up in Maine except my Cache Across America cache but KK is looking after that one for me I would say I would keep my French's Mountain cache and T2H is taking care of that one for me. Plus it was my 1st cache hide as well and am proud of the spot I picked because of the view in the area.

    Fort Sumner Park, or Standpipe Park (GC1B57Z) by Lexmano (1.5/2)
    This cache is one of my favorites. As I was admiring the view of the back cove area in Portland from Sheridan Street, I decided to place a guardrail cache from a spot that gave a great view. As I was averaging the coordinates, I heard voices coming from above and behind me. I turned and saw two women leaning against a fence straight up a steep hill about 45 feet higher. I grabbed the cache and drove up to North Street and found a delightful park with spectacular views of Portland. I had lived in the area more than 20 years and had no idea this park existed. The logs indicate that I am not the only local who was unaware of this park! I am so glad those women spoke loudly that day!

    Knickercane (GC1EWB4) by ltlindian (2/1.5)
    I would keep my Knickercane cache. I love the spot, it's easy, accessible to most and a large cache.

    Welcome to Wally World Camping (GC1GABW) by Ekidokai (2/1)
    The first one I put out I would like to keep. It is unique, informative, easy to be stealthy, no way to be off on the coordinates and not what most people expect. Everyone has a good time with it.
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