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Thread: interesting cache placement

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    Back to Cano's topic....I believe remember seeing a "Traveling cache" that was a magnetic mico. As each person found it, it was to be moved to a new location and the coords updated. I cant recall how it was done so that each new user could update the coords. Anyone remember seeing this anywhere and if it could be done with all the new regulations?
    I doubt it could be done exactly as it is now, with all the regulations of Groundspeak. I was flabberghasted when I saw that the 50 State Traveler was placed as a cache within 200 ft of an existing cache in York, ME recently...

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    I know you cant to the crossing bars on a railroad track.....But what about a drawbridge like the casco bay bridge?

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    Reviewers would never allow it. That bridge would be considered a potential terrorist target

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