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Thread: GSAK question

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    Are you getting the error from GSAK or from the macro?

    You may need to change your PQ GPX version:
    Go to

    Scroll to the bottom where it says GPX Version Preference and verify it is GPX 1.0.1.

    You must have a newer version of GSAK as well.

    EDIT: after looking into it more, in GSAK split screen or offline view some caches do show *No attributes specified*, when in fact, the cache owner did not specify any attributes. Even the online page will show the message No attributes available where the attribute icons normally are. Check to make sure on a cache you know has attributes.

    For example, little augusta (GC1YMGA) by scdakota (1.5/1.5) has no attributes assigned to it, but Augusta West Creekside Resort Kache (GC1R0AZ) by Squirrel (2/1.5) does have them.
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    Had to select the newer GPX I'll see if I can see the attributes.

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