Greetings from New Britain Connecticut.

I searched out this forum because my wife Catlady and I are planning a trip to Madawaska in August. I wanted to get some ideas of caches we could find along the way. We are participating in the New England Challenge (GC27MHQ) where we are trying to find the oldest caches in all the New England states so we will definitely be stopping to find the Fort Williams cache (GC128).

Since we are driving to the top of the State I thought it might be fun to try and find the easternmost and northernmost caches in the US. Am I correct that the easternmost cache would be Quoddy Quandry (GC8A65)?

I see that what was called the Most Northeastern Cache in the US, (GCZDND) has been disabled. Does anyone know which cache is now the farthest northeast in Maine? (or just farthest North)

I see that several others have asked about the best caches to do in Maine so I will look at more posts here to get come additional caches to grab on our trip. We won’t be able to stop and do any long hikes but we certainly want to do some scenic ones. I did copy the caches near lighthouse list posted by benandtina.
Thanks to all for a great forum.