Chadd has been caching a little over 13 months and has has a major impact on the Maine geocaching scene. Whereas Ekidokai changed everything with the Stud Mill Road caches, Chadd made sure it would not slip back to its staid old ways with more than 300 hides in the York county area.

While Ekidokai does not find caches at a high rate, Chadd has hit 1000 finds in this short period of time. He even has remained so focused that he has not let a new job or a girlfriend interfere with his efforts.

Along the way he has challenged the GC authorities, questioned things he has seen and generally ruffled many feathers. He essentially has become a lightning rod for electrifying discourse in the forums. Amazingly, through it all he remains unrepentant and true to his points of view. Recently I think I saw that he and BRDad even agreed on something.

In any event congratulations Chadd on a quick 1,000 finds and thank you for your hides!

Now onto the controversy surrounding his 1000th find.

It was a VIRTUAL! GCGW9V Maine Presidents

Should that count as he really did not find anything?

Congratulations again Chadd!