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Thread: Why Do You Like Your GPS?

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    Default GARMIN Etrex basic

    My Etrex is the basic model, its ok. I have a lot of trouble believing the posts of people that say their GPSr took them rite to the cache. I have had to do a lot of searching for all I have found. My gps tells me I'm anywhere from 1ft to 30ft away without moving. The first GPSr I bought was a Garmin GEKO but I took it back when I had to replace the batteries twice in one week and I only turned it on for maby 10 min. 3 times.

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    I'm in the minority with a Magellan Meridian Color.


    -- It works for me and my needs/wants (i.e. mapping ATV routes, finding out where I am while out on the trails with the snowmobile/ATV, geo-caching, driving directions, etc.

    -- I've found out that it seems to be pretty tough . . . since I am a klutz and I have dropped it on more than one occasion . . . usually when I forget to zipper up the case and it goes flying out of it on to the ground, pavement, cement floor in the garage, etc.

    -- This may sound bizarre, but I am visually-oriented and I wanted color to help differentiate items on the map. I like the fact that the Meridian uses color, but doesn't go overboard by coloring everything. I know, I know, this sounds strange, but it's one of the things I like about it.

    -- Ease of use . . . once I actually sat down and read the manual. The first time I went geo-caching I didn't know how to use the "go to" "point to point" feature and I was simply looking at the coordinates in an effort to find the cache. I looked like I was doing the Texas Two Step on top of Mars Hill as I would go forward a few feet and then walk sideways a few feet only to walk backwards a few more feet and then sidewards again . . . and end up exactly where I started.

    -- The price. This unit had the features I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. Here's what I bought:

    -- The memory card. I wanted something with expandable memory.

    Cons --

    -- The fore-mentioned "sling shot" or "rubber band" effect. I've found that this most often occurs when I'm hurrying to the location. Nevertheless, it's kind of annoying.

    -- To use the compass on this model you have to be moving. Sometimes it's nice to just shoot a direction without moving . . . I suppose I could simply buy a cheap compass though.

    -- Probably one of the biggest complaints I have with this unit is the driving directions. 90% of the time the directions are dead-on with the unit beeping to let you know the turn is coming up and beeping to let you know when to turn . . . but then 10% of the time the directions are off since it beeps too early or too late or the map shows you making a turn after or well before you're supposed to.
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    We have a couple of RINO 130's and absolutely love them. We really like the two-way radio capabilities and also the position reporting feature. Worth every cent!! Oh also finds geocaches with no problems.
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    I like my merigold cause it takes the was on the front seat when got front-ended on 1/23/06. It works fine but it's going to take me a couple of months to get a good signal.

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