Hey all cache fanatics,

I would just like to share a thought that I had over the weekend. I would like for this to stay on the postive and maybe be able to help others.

The experiance that I had this weekend in southern Maine was at times a bit trying but over all fun.

When putting a cache on someone elses property please be very clear on the way of getting there. Many land owners are very nice people, However sometimes landowners have vast amounts of land and are not willing to understand when the property that they find you on may have been accidentally crossed or even parked on. Sometimes there is more than one way to get to a cache and that other way may not have been the way that you intended but was a good way as well and could be Private property. I think that landowners get fed up with irresponsible people and who can blame them. However any were a cacher goes always leaves it better than they left it. Even if it is only a gum wrapper.

So again please just think about how the landowner will feel if you stray off the exact way that you went in.