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Thread: Macro for SRS's 50 State challenge cache.

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    Default Macro for SRS's 50 State challenge cache.

    While working on the Maine Challenge Cache Help article, I recognized the need for a macro for the Maine's Fifty State Challenge (GC1VQ5X) by SHUMAN ROAD SEARCHERS (5/3.5). There appeared to be none available on the GSAk site, so I created one.

    If you use it on your finds database it will show which caches you have with which state names and which are missing. If you use it on a database of all Maine caches including your finds, it will list both the available and found caches with their respective state names. The caches you have found will have a smiley preceding the cache name. It will also show the distances to all caches from your home coords (If you don't have any home coords set in your locations, you will get an error).

    So if you are interested give it a try and let me know how it works for you. There may be a need for the macro to merge two databases if you keep your finds separate from your unfound. If there is demand for that, I will add it.

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