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Thread: Did anyone lose prescription sunglasses on Deadwater Rd?

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    Default Or....

    I'm in Topsham today until 5 PM and tomorrow until I can sneak out . I can get them to Orrington fairly easily.
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    Default Did everyone miss this?

    Quote Originally Posted by darterkitfox View Post
    Although I didn't put a tracking bug on it, I passed the sunglasses on at an event and hopefully it will make it back to the owners. It's not a geocoin so it might make it further.
    Quote Originally Posted by parmachenee View Post
    Charron has them and appreciates the effort in getting them back. Thanks tracking required. But....she lost a pair in the Bangor City Forest...could you track them down?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mainiac1957 View Post
    She came by and grabbed them this morning.
    Mission accomplished already.

    You guys are great, it's done. Tada!
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    No, everyone saw it. They're just delivering the glasses incognito now!

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