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    So, I told Di that I shouldn't interfere with "nature's way" and she suggested I use one of my many shotguns to "frighten" the eagle." That won't happen because eagle's are chewey, like owl and I know I'd go to jail if I happened to hit the eagle.
    It's funny how the human element is often taken out of "Nature's Way". If it's human nature to protect what we like, then shouldn't it be nature's way to protect? Isn't it natural for you to want to protect the loon? Why is it when any other animal destroys property or other living beings it is considered nature, yet when humans do it we are threatening nature?

    I agree it'd not be a good idea to shoot toward the eagle, but if a gunshot is going to scare it away, it would scare it away from any direction.

    I prefer turkey vultures. Unlike eagles or loons, they can float on air currents for hours with minimal effort, enjoying the view as they go along. Yeah, I'd eat roadkill to be able to do that...
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