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    Default I'm on the scoreboard.

    Since I heard about this pursuit a few weeks ago I haven't had time to go hunting. I stopped in Orono on my way home from work last night to have a go at Run Forest Run. I parked on the road as nearly opposite from the cache as possible and there was a gate right there. That matches the description I thought. Headed in and the road ended about 800' in. Since this was my first cache I didn't think too much about it and headed off through the woods toward the location. It was about what I'd been doing all day except I wasn't swinging a machete clearing line. Got within a couple tenths of a mile and hit a road, imagine that! Had average sat. reception at the site. My mission planning software showed the number of satellites was decent but there was quite a bit of tree canopy except directly overhead. Once I got in the area I just slowly looked around and found the cache fairly quickly. Mosquitos were vicious so bring insect repellent. There are a couple repellent wipes in the cache though. Took the road back out. Probably the way I was intended to go in as well!

    Had a good time but will be trying to get to some caches that are more technically challenging though.
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