It 'twas about a year ago when I hopped on these forums in anticipation of a big caching trip to Maine that eventually fizzled. I put it on hold as others backed out and thought ahead.

Then I find out this year that I have reached a milestone year at work and get an extra paid week of vacation! Being I was told mid-year, it it going to be hard to take it all at once, so I'm plotting and plotting.

I had two choices (I adjunct teach at a college, so my only true options are leaving mid-afternoon on a Thursday and leaving Monday...)

Seattle for a power run to the trifecta.

Being a photographer as well, I have pretty much decided I am heading to Maine in either late September or mid-October. I have two weekends, but I have to wait to see which one I can get off at work.

I'll probably be going solo on this trip, so I'm looking forward to it. Basically I am going to cache my way up to Portland on the first night, then get up early that Friday and head to Bar Harbor, where I'll stay through Monday morning. I'm looking forward to the big Earthcache in Acadia (if anyone in that area has been thinking about doing that and some of the others, please let me know and maybe a few could get together and do these?) and just being able to relax for a few days in that area.

That Monday, I want to drive down Route 1, hitting some caches of course, go to LL Bean in Freeport, then continue my way home.

I'm hoping for a stress-free weekend and maybe the chance to meet some cachers. If anyone is planning any events for late September or mid-October and they are in that area, I'll keep an eye out to maybe meet some people!

Now I just have to hope nothing goes crazy before the trip. =)