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No, I was talking about the one above Bangor a little. The Robyville one. Isn't there a cache there, too?

I thought I read the Morse Bridge burned down? Is the footbridge covered, too? I might stop anyway. =)

I love finding the covered bridges when traveling. I'm lucky enough that I have three historical covered bridges within 20 minutes of me.
My wife and I love the covered bridges as well, though they seem to increase our DNF count!

You are correct, the Morse bridge burned years ago. The footbridge is not covered. The stream is a little slow not, but it is right in town and easy access from either side most days.

Yes, the Robyville bridge is 15 miles northwest of Bangor via Broadway/Rt. 15. The cache thre is still active.

Robyville Bridge (GC1P43J) by Moonsouth (2/2)

The bridge hollora mentioned is at N 44 47.093, W 68 48.343. It is a modern built bridge, but built like an old one - Less than 10 years old?). It was never used for road traffic. The museum is nice to visit as well if you are ever in the area with time to spare. The cache near it is Geo Post Office and Travel Bug Hotel, Bangor (GCWEN7) by We3Beans (1/1.5)

Thanks for reminding me of that bridge, Hollora, I should add that to my list.