Can't help but share this, as it is a tale of a missing cache, an event which was a ton of fun, an extreme approach to making a find and a decision to make on what to do about a cache. So - with that said, here is the story.

Last weekend, I attended the GC2B02N - Tread Lightly: ORCAs on ATVs ..... Second Attempt event. I believe I was the oldest in the POD.

We did a cache the first day and then on Sunday - we went on a long ride and did a lot more caches. One, which was on the list, was GCWGAK - Old Beaver Dam. We all arrived at the site and concluded the same spot based on the coords. After reading some other logs we also concluded the cache was out in the water.

Not seeing the container - which sounded like it would stand out - we were a bit "stumped". The next thing we knew - bgrffdave was in the water - wading out in his Muck boots and trying to reach Ground Zero. When it became apparent that could not happen with the depth of water - Hiram bailed in...........and showed us what extreme caching really is.

Fortunately, our Aroostook County Guide Roger - had a video camera and filmed it all...........he is posting (as quickly as he can - there are 4 other films clips I believe) to YouTube. I am attaching the links to the first two.

For your viewing pleasure - Hiram357 Extreme Caching the Beaver Dam - Part 1 & Part 2

You will eventually see we did find/recover the container on the face of the dam. It was chewed, full of water and the contents were waterlogged pulp. Therein lied the question - what to do with the severely damaged cache. We decided as a group to CITO it out and notify the owner it needed replacement or archived. Although not what one would do usually - this was what we all believed should be done in this unusual circumstance.

As soon as the other videos are available they will be posted.