Hey gang. Not going to be able to dash out after any FTF's for a while. Not even gonna be able to go after any caches at all. I've got a rather nasty infection in my arm that's got me out of work so I'll not be taking any chances with my health by trying to find tupperware in the woods. I risk hospitalization and possible surgery if this doesn't respond to the antibiotics regimen I'm on now - IV type that I have to keep going back to Togus for - so I ain't about to risk it.

ampmdp - if you guys read this - I am incredibly happy to have met you this morning at Team Horwich's LSD cache. Was awesome to read your log when we got home just a few minutes after we stole the FTF from you. Another time, I bet we'll be second to find right behind you.

Cache on gang, and be happy.