For me it IS about the numbers but quite possibly not the same as some of you. 1. I like to try and stay ahead of the person I cache the most with. #Fail...DrWhogrl passed me and has been ahead for a while. 2. I like the numbers that give you a different kind of smiley... Numbers like the Number of people you meet at event or add on facebook and you have time to have a conversation with that doesn't involve just caching, letting you get to know the person and who they really are. Events don't happen all the time and it's nice to have someone else you can keep in touch with on a regular basis, even if caching is the only common denomenator. Lets face it, this is one of the most diverse groups out there and continues to remain that way.

Perhaps this part should go into a different thread...It used to be that when I got someone into caching, this was one of the first places I'd send them to get help with anything and everything. Lately, I'd tend to steer them to myself or another cacher directly due to all the polite disagreements that go on here. Caching may be about the physical number of caches you find for YOU and what you went through to get the smiley, but there are a lot of numbers involved in this game. The number of visitors to this site is a pretty important number too so keep that in mind as well.