Well, I think I am part to blame for this idea. Tat, laroch and I are going to do the Stud Mill Road tributes by bike and we're going to do it on the Labor Day Weekend. I'm thinking that we are going to spot cars, food, drinks, etc., on Saturday and try the run on Sunday, starting EARLY in the morning.

We'll be starting at Robt's tribute at the corner of Route 9 and CCC Road. Then on to Little River Road, next Milford Rd/Grand Stream Roads and on to Route 1. From Route 1 we will go down Pocomoonshine Mountain Road and then on to the Stud Mill Road for the final grand push east.

Quote from Ekidokai "I got the idea when I heard Karen say she wanted to do the Centum Challenge on a bike. So, here it is. Good luck Karen. Now 160 strong." (A run for Karen - GC1TJYN).

Will anyone be caching in the area and willing to give a helping hand? We may need a lift in the morning or at the end (both most likely to be horrid hours in the morning), just someone to cheer us on, or a bike and rider pick-up. I am the weakest link in the trio and will not hold back the guys if they have a chance of making the 100 in a day. Some people have used drivers to record times that caches were found (although we have a spread sheet ready to use).

Also, we'll take any advise that you're ready to give on this series.

Ekidokai, we're finally going to get at this. Thanks for the run and your offer to help. It's going to be fun and I couldn't ask for better company than tat and laroch to give it a try.