If any cachers didn't see the notice, the GeoRally is officially posted, GC1ZMXZ. Like last year's event, Dave Gallant and Jim Horowitz are the organizers. They do a fantastic job and the event will be even more fun then last year with some new wrinkles. One very thoughtful feature is that the event will raise $3500 for Catch-A-Dream which is for kids.

Di and I will be going for sure as this really is a can't miss event!

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Why does it have to be a morning event for 10-10-10? If it is on a Sunday, and from my sources, the Sunday after the GeoRallye, I won't be able to make it to the 10-10-10. Now if it was an evening event, that would be great. I work all weekend days but am going to be able to get off the 9th for the Rallye... doubt I could get off the 0th as well.....