The folks commenting on this thread mostly cache as a couple which I certainly prefer. So while driving from cache to cache and to avoid driving and looking at the cache description while do so, Di reads the cache descriptions out loud

Now, in terms of some of my cache descriptions, you ought to read 'em for a few chuckles. I haven't learned how to download info from Wikepedia to a cache listing so whatever I write is from my sometimes wild imagination. Some folks write a thesis and some of the historical info is fascinating.

I think sometimes cache placers forget that for most of us it's more fun to find a cache than not find the cache. A lot of hints are useless and lot of caches could use a little extra in the cache description to help folks make the find.

We read the descriptions and sometimes it truly helps. Like logs, I think the more ambitious amongst us put in a better effort then others which is the way I prefer to play.