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Thread: Wear your orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by dubord207 View Post
    There's a lot of rednecks in this part of Maine who could care less about the rules.
    Sheesh! Rules, too???

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    Default nothing ever changes around here.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Team2hunt View Post
    Next Saturday the 23rd is Youth Deer Day, and the start of the rifle season for deer hunting. It's time to grab your orange and put it in the geo mobile so you will have it when you need it. Or just wait and head outside on Sunday's when, in Maine, there is NO HUNTING!

    The following Saturday October 30th is the official start of deer hunting with a rifle in Maine. Please check the links on the home page to see your respective state for their seasons, regulations and laws. Be safe this season.

    Just to bring this back to where it was intentionally meant to be.....
    Why not live life like it is your last day....instead of pretending to be a member of the Peter Pan Club and believing you will be around forever.

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