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Thread: Most caches in a given town Version 2

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    Default Most caches in a given town Version 2

    This is a continuation of the thread Most caches in a given town in which I failed miserably at producing accurate results. In this newest attempt, we are using data which is much more accurate - much of this is because it utilizes shape files of the borders of all Maine towns. Still, caches very near the borders of towns may be incorrectly listed. Then again, the cache may not be in the town you think it is after all.

    At my current count, there are active caches in 596 Maine civil divisions, there have been caches placed in 643 civil divisions, out of a total of 916 in the state.

    So anyway, here are some preliminary numbers showing the civil divisions with more than 50 active caches. The order of areas with the total number of placed caches is very similar.

    Portland ----- 195
    Lewiston ----- 133
    Bangor ----- 115
    Augusta ----- 110
    Falmouth ----- 108
    Kennebunk ----- 101
    Freeport ----- 73
    Cumberland ----- 70
    Biddeford ----- 64
    Yarmouth ----- 64
    Moscow ----- 63
    Auburn ----- 60
    Saco ----- 60
    Scarborough ----- 59
    South Portland ----- 59
    Westbrook ----- 56
    Washington ----- 55
    China ----- 54
    Kennebunkport ----- 54
    Brunswick ----- 52
    Gorham ----- 52
    Lyman ----- 51
    Standish ----- 50

    I still need to verify some of my data and make an easy to use macro for anyone wishing to list the towns in GSAK. Fins_Up is doing some tedious data entry which hopefully will allow us to add a Maine towns map to the FindStats Macro.
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