I guess I was wrong about gc.com deleting the logs, so if you have any on your caches you should delete them yourself...

From NH Zamboni in the national forums:
Thank you for the e-mail messages and concern regarding the user "JoeyBot" / "AutoJoey" over the weekend. It's good to see how responsive and attentive the caching community has been to this issue. JoeyBot attacked Vermont Sunday logging about 1500 bogus cache finds. AutoJoey is currently logging finds in NH. For those of you who contacted me yesterday I immediately forwarded concerns to Groundspeak and JoeyBot has been banned from the website. Earlier this morning I contacted Groundspeak requesting bannination of the AutoJoey account.

For the health of your PC. Please do not click any of the links included in the found it logs.

Traditionally Groundspeak will only take action on cache logs in limited situations such as profanity and personal attacks that violate the Terms of Use Agreement. Other than that, taking action on someone's cache page is typically not performed. Please delete any bogus 'found it' logs from your caches. I regret the burden this places on the affected cache owners.


Zamboni / Trevor
Geocaching.com volunteer reviewer for VT / NH