As a rather organized person (no comment on what Joe calls me!), I'd like to see how others collect and handle their geocache waypoints. This is what I do so far. We're looking forward to the June 18th "Slipping into Summer Cache 2005" gathering and plan on picking some wiser brains.

1. Find interesting geocache locations on We also receive a daily email on any new caches.

2. Print out cache paper and a general DeLorme map of the area. Staple those together and keep in a 3-ring binder by area of the state.

3. On my computer I've set up a Geocaching directory with subdirectories by area of the state. Download .loc and store it in its area file. Burn a CD occasionally so I don't lose it all and have to start over!

4. When we know what area we are caching in for that day, use EasyGPS to upload the area caches to the Garmin. I was keeping them ALL in the Garmin but it took forever to find a particular cache even though the Garmin keeps them in alpha order. It's much easier to only have a few in there at one time.

5. Finally you say - where is her question? When I open the area file and load to EasyGPS I cannot figure out how to send ALL of the caches at one time to the Garmin. I have to "send to GPS" one at a time? Is there a group way of doing that?

Thanks for any hints. And you don't have to be gentle if I'm doing this all wrong.