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5 cache finds by one cacher, I won't say the name, don't know them, they're still very new with only a 100 or so finds, all in one day and word for word: " Did some caching in the rain today. Didn't SL so it didn't get soaked." (not on my caches)

Or this one "Quick find. Didn't sign log." When I inquired if there was a problem with the cache I got a not so nice response that this cacher had a hard time signing the tiny logs on nanos! Really? I think that's probably the case for most of us!!!

I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here. With over 80 caches out there I think it may be informative to understand why I have some mixed feelings about putting out anymore. While I agree with Bruce that some caches just don't provide a whole lot of inspiration for lengthy logs, ALL at least deserve a thanks, an indication that the cache was found and an indication that the log was signed unless there was a very LEGITIMATE reason the log couldn't be signed. IMHO
Don't worry in the next software update "Sent from my mobile device" will be replaced with "Great cache, had a lot of fun finding it. Thank you for the cache" that should fix your problem.