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Thread: Delete or not delete, that is the question

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    wow, that makes me think then about my cache. I had a few dnf's on it and then before I got a chance to go check on it, it was found again and logged by 4 different people. So I assumed that it was still there and the others just hadn't found it. Well, then it was not found again so I went to replace it. Maybe it had been missing all that time and people were just finding the letterbox that is nearby.... hmm....

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    After I placed one of mine (micro) someone placed a letterbox about 2 ft from it. People were logging the letterbox as the cache. I made a sticker for the letterbox that said "this is not Spelunky" and people still log it as the cache. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdad View Post
    I have heard of that being done - posting incorrect coords solely to make the hide tougher. From the guidelines:

    Bad coords are a possibility in this game, intentionally bad coords are not in the design. I would have left my coords in the log and added that clause. If your valid log is deleted, can bring it back (deleted logs never go away, they just get hidden from view.)

    The best DNFs are when you are on top of the cache and still fail. Hiders need to use their imagination if they want to hide a tougher cache, not bad coords.

    EDIT: I should have added to be otherwise nice in the log; just state the facts - be clear and concise. No need to name call or be otherwise rude.
    It is good to make some hard to find. I have one that I had to DNF when I was checking on it.

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