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    NativeMainer brought to light an interesting comment in another thread and suggested it be it's own thread....the quote is: If you look past the tirade, FD does make a couple of points, such as the creation of geotrails and geotrash (which should be another topic) which the discussion was about a blogger destroying caches and thereby saving the entire world from ourselves. Well, good idea NativeMainer. GeoTrails and GeoTrash. Got any stories? Got any pet peeves? Got any solutions? Got an opinion.....whoa....just answered my own question on that one . Here's mine:

    Recently, a cache was placed in the Bangor-Brewer area that had a higher difficulty rating. And after the oohing and oh-ing went on and on, I went myself and of course didn't find it. It's not unusual for me to not DNF a cache initially....after all....I'm not done looking for it yet. Upon returning a week later to look again, I was amazed and saddened to see the effect that cachers had on the area. GZ is, essentially, the terminus of a parking lot. And, GZ had been really trampled and torn up, vegetation destroyed, tree limbs removed and a fence nearly knocked over. Certainly a property owner considering cache permission that would have seen this would most likely decline. Now, we've all seen geotrails but this went way too far. I've mentioned before and will proffer my opinion yet again: We as cachers and cache placers must be responsible cachers. Often being responsible means angering others; if you can't figure out what responsible is, find a mentor. OR....maybe you shouldn't be caching.
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