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While I do have an issue with caches in trash or trashy areas (I once found a cache in Bangor, lodged in a water filled tire teaming with mosquito larva. I called the cache "Dante's 5th level of hell" in the log ) I'm going out on a limb here with geotrails. Don't care. While I 100% agree that we should take all due care with other peoples property and that tearing up a rock wall is the acme of foolishness, leaving trails on the ground happens. How often? I walked the perimeter of the field behind my parents house in Hampden this weekend. I counted 6 deer trails in a 30 foot section. 2 of which were beaten right down to the mud. (and the neighbor has a nice new treestand facing them.) Trails happen, and my guess is that the deer simply don't care. Trails have happened since the beginning of time. We are not in the Tundra, where wagon trails from the 1800's still remain. We are in Maine. My guess is that there is more area paved over for empty big box store parking lots in Bangor than all of the geotrails combined. There has been controversy about ATV trails, snowmobile trails, the Appalachian trail, ect. Me? I'm comfortable with my "footprint". As for trash, nothing drives me up the wall faster than going a few feet off the road, looking down an embankment and finding old TV's, mattresses, ect. While I understand that it's hard for some folks to pay for disposal of heavy waste (My school district is storing old computers on a broken down bus because we don't have disposal fee's in the budget, and it would cost thousands), There has got to be a better way.

Wow, I had not idea I felt this way until I started typing. Sorry if I came off as "Toolish" (Kidding)
We agree more than not. Trails happen, I'm fine with that. However, I do take issue when someone else's property is damaged or destroyed all in the name of "making the find". The excuse "Oh, it's vacant, it's no big deal" doesn't cut it with me.

Yeah....how does one CITO out a full size couch out of the woods...far enough in that it took me 15 minutes to walk in. Go figure.

Again....I defer to responsible caching.