It seems to me those " forrest defenders " while taking a cache to "protect" a fragile area could be doing more damage by makeing others, not everyone, look under every thing and tromp all over the place looking for something that is no longer there. If they used there brains,as if they have any, they would just unhide the cache and make it so easy for people to see that nothing happen short of just walking in and out of the area. I hope I'm not giving them any idea's. I have only been geocaching since this spring and I know I have to figure out how to find a micro ( I did find 3 last week or the week before) but they tend to kick my rear. Parker Pond Boat launch----- someday---someday........... I have sat on that rock and looked for any thing out of place twice and am giving my self one more trip before logging as a DNF.
What was some one earlier saying about drilling holes in limb's ? never thought to look for that type thing. Now I really have to start expanding my searches. thanks.