Yes, TH - Seems trivial in light of the loss Mapachi, wife and family have just endured for sure - however, know - Bobbie's weekend of the Rally was spent doing something she loved to do and with her Dad and friends.

I didn't know Bobbie, we had never met, but I just can tell - she lived her life to the fullest. She was a clone of her Dad - full of life, out there for the fun of it, full of a joke, ready to take it on AND.........going for it.

No one can take away from her spirit, remove the spark from photos of her or diminish the memories held so dear by many. She will be remembered by many for her love of life and the way she shared a weekend with her Dad, his friends and Geocaching for a purpose.

Lost early, never forgotten! - she is another, who shall remain in the memory of Maine cachers, who have passed before us. And I truly believe she would have been a cacher who was mad and angered by your loss!