To those of you who have been trying to solve the puzzle to my new cache GC2GXF7 - I owe you all a big apology. Got this all set up and put a checker on it (which I have never done) and I screwed it up!

The checker was wrong!!!! I put the checker on because I just hate solving a puzzle and not knowing if my answer is right. So, in trying to do good - I probably made a lot of folks frustrated and mad.

Please accept my humble apology! The checker has been revised and redone and should now be correct. Actually 5 people had input the correct coords. This will probably put a new twist to the FTF run.

So - all I can say is sorry - and I hope when you fnd it you will have fun, trade out some stuff and enjoy the area. PLEASE WEAR BLAZE ORANGE AS THIS AREA IS HUNTED!

Please don't use this tread for anything except a fun interchange of the silly things which can happen to folks in writing their cache pages. Thanks!