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Finally edited my log. Enjoy....
The log was ok but to get and email like this - "My edited log in case you missed it. If you have any issues with me, I suggest you tell me in the future, instead of setting up a caching trap. Never would have expected this from you Hollara. And I don't know what Mike Marino has for responsibility in all of this. I don't talk to him anymore as he has proven himself to be a Genuine ******* backstabber. But if he has an issue with me, he can come talk to me as well. I tell people what I think. I don't hide and do it through a cache. That's because I am a real person, not a person who lives their life vicariously through geocaches like you all do."

The beginning of caching for me in 2006 got me though my husband's first bout with cancer and allowed me to meet many wonderful people. But in life there are many - So - here is my reply to this fellow:

"Dear Mr. Roper; I sent nothing up and my caching name is not Hollara - it is hollora. Mike Marino has nothing to do with this in any way. It is/was my cache - and always has been. Nothing to do with Mr. Marino. I am not sure what you accusation was all about. The reason I didn't walk down in there to change things was because I was trying to recover using the cache site. AND - the error in the Geochecker was just that - an error. If it had been intentional, I would have never changed it. You do not know me at all. One thing I am going to request is please leave me alone. I don't need anymore emails from you as I can read your logs on my caches without you calling attention to them. Thank you! Lois-Ann Holmes"

Those of you who truly know me - know I didn't make the mistake with the geochecker intentionally! That is all I have to say.

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