Hi, this is my first post. I am a very newbie, geo-wannabie.
A friend found a geocache in the muggley way a few weeks ago, looked the activity up on-line, told me about it. I got a copy of "Tish Plays the Game" at the Mystery Cove Bookstore and decided I could do as well as Tish with fewer damages.
The problem so far (I haven't yet found a cache by myself but that's not the problem) I registered with a user name and password at Geocaching.com and then I found GeocachinginMaine.com and that user name and password did not work, so I created a new code name and password for this Maine group. Was that a mistake? Should I try to delete one of those identities, or do I use a separate identity for each website?
I hope to find a geocache someday soon, and I would like to log it correctly.
Thanks for any help and advice.
Carol in Maine or SFTA2010 (take your pick)