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Thread: Celebrate - 10 Years of Caching in Maine!

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    Default Thanks to all

    Thank you everyone for attending the event.... There were 111 people there if you go by the sign-n book Thanks to eebee it was an international event! Everyone else was from Maine.

    Kayakerinme and hollara both provided beautiful prizes. It was a lovely touch for the event. Barry, the coins are great!

    A huge THANK YOU goes out to tat and laroch who were there from 9:00 am to the end. They did a lot of work for me and I really, really appreciate it!

    To all of you, thanks. I have made my best friends through geocaching. Jon and I were on our way home and talking about what a wonderful group of people it is. Some toasts....

    "A toast to Mainiac1957 on this being his 5000th find. Wahoo!" - surfsupdiverdown

    "A toast to geocaching!" - Geowalker - Luke

    "To ten years and ten times more fun to come." - laroch

    "When you make your mad dash
    for your special geocache
    Make sure you dont trip and get a gash
    or fall in poison ivy & get a rash." - Tikache and RATTKAT

    "Last winter we got 3 FTF's in less than an hour! We've loved getting to meet other geocachers this year." - ampmdp

    "10 years - it's just a number." - Cano

    "Once when Ms Taoastmaster and I went to play a trick on Martes we walked for what seemed like hours!" - Courtney

    "We are only passing through. We are custodians and guardians of this grand adventure." - author unknown

    "A toast to the people who love geocaching." - cashi

    A toast "to spring that can't come soon enough!" - Wade Rogers

    "Here's to Tom/tat routes and short cuts." - Robt

    "To geocaching, when you measure all life events by their proximity to a geocache." - Willmere

    "After 1 year and 1/2 we're still caching. Who would have though we would be caching and celebrating ten years and many more to come!" - author unknown.

    "A toast to the folks that take of their personal time to set up and run the event. Thank you very much." - author unknown.
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