From the Release notes thread:

Introducing Geocaching for Windows Phone 7 Mobile Application

Windows Phone 7 uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell towers to determine your approximate location. Groundspeak's Windows Phone 7 Application then queries the database in real-time and provides a list of geocaches near you. Check out the Geocaching for Windows Phone 7 application page for a full list of features!


We now have the capability to award Souvenirs retroactively! Souvenirs will be awarded in batches over the next several weeks. If you logged a geocache in the past that would have awarded a Souvenir it will automatically appear on your profile tab.


What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get makes a reappearance in this month's release. This time you'll find the new simplified text editor added to the geocache and Trackables logging page. In the next release we'll finish the job by adding a more feature-rich version to the cache details and profile pages.

New features:

18880: Allow the "My Finds" Query to run every 3 days
Increased frequency with which PMs can request the My Finds Pocket Query

20377: Create new Trackable Tattoo Trackable Type (Icon)
Added new Trackable type for trackable tattoos, email with pic to request

23188: TwoNav GPS Field Notes support
Added Field Notes support for MyNav GPS units

23275: Shop Groundspeak: New Distributor

18687: Put Hider's Name on the Log a Cache Page
Now reads: "In reference to {cache} by {cache owner}"

19281: Add Mass Delete to watch list functionality
Added checkboxes to watchlist to mirror bookmark functionality

20804: Screencast videos: Create page where "how to use" videos are displayed
Created new page at /about/screencasts.aspx for instructional videos

20805: Screencasts: Pocket Query Video
Added explanation video to /pocket

21917: rename /waypoints to /software
Changed URL and setup redirects

18824: Referral Field on Membership page
When creating a membership there is now a field to enter the username of the user who referred them

22311: Addition of Premium text to Send to GPS feature
Added reminder to Send to GPS that PMs receive more cache info in GPX downloads

18467: Coordinate Change Logs more logical and conversational
Reformatted coordinate change logs for clarity

18285: explanatory text at Additional Waypoints
Added additional text at Coordinates field to help explain the default values

20792: Localize Your Profile
Added new translations for the private profile

21902: change from "banned" to "locked"
Terminology change to account for a variety of scenarios

19806: Link "you logged this as found on..." to the log
This text on cache pages will now link to that log

21214: Text Change: All instances of Home Coordinates to Home Location
Updated the site with the term Home Location instead of Home Coordinates

Bug fixes:

22752: Attempting to view APE cache in Dutch results in server error

23041: Referral field errors preventing account creation
Fixed misaligned error message on account creation page

22714: Remove mention of machete from ...hide/rate.aspx
Updated language and title for the Difficulty/Terrain selector page (formerly Cache Rating)

23073: User not signed in should not be able to search for an user
You must now be logged in to use the user lookup tool

23063: Trackable Adoption Page - Text Change Requested
Changed "tracking ID" to "reference number"

23187: Map is gone when cache page is translated
Map on cache details page will no longer disappear when switching language settings

22709: Cache Rating System gives .25 and .75 results
Modified to round down to .00 and .50 respectively

23350: Logging/viewing a waypoint log for Benchmark throws an exception

22552: Change field title from Cache Note to Personal Cache Note
Text change

22718: Safari browser- Side Navigation links on become invisible once logged in

23340: Additional waypoint notes don't show up on print friendly page

23312: Add lackey icons to
Added Matthew, Aubrey, Kelly and Ernesto to Lackey list on

23192: Upcoming Geocaching Events shows text in German for all locales

23522: Send to GPS for Garmin and DeLorme devices is broken

22538: Link Addition to Geocaching Software

22932: Remove Netherlands Antilles from list of countries

4848: Stash Note in Serbian

23521: Addition of brochures to resources page
Added Korean and Portuguese geocaching brochures

23248: Addition of podcast link

15597: Large gaps between friend widgets on my/myfriends.aspx
Fixed styling on friends page

Coming soon:

Stats, Ratings and Maps. Oh My!