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Thread: When puzzle cache help goes too far

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    It's a shame they did away with allowing additional logging requirements on caches. While photos can be cheated, they are still a better form of proof you were there IMO. And digital cameras good enough for cache logs can be had for much less than a GPSr nowadays, not to mention a fair amount of cell phones have cameras as well..
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    Quote Originally Posted by CARoperPhotography View Post
    Dont understand why photos are no longer acceptable as a requirement. It pretty much ensures that the majority of earthcaches can be logged by arm chair cachers who never even set foot at GZ...

    ... I'd love to see Groundspeak allow me to use a SPOT Text message from a PN-60 with cord link as a requirement! That would ensure that the cacher logging the cache truly was there.
    No, it won't :P

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