I thought it would be neat to create a scrapbook for all the cachers in Maine and pass it around for everybody to add to and enjoy. So here it is, Maine Geocaching Memories. It's also a travel bug so anybody that contributes to the book can also log the tb.

The scrapbook will start out this weekend at the "Slipping into Summer" event...be sure to bring pictures and other mementos to add to your page!

I was trying to think up some ideas for people to do in the book, here are a few:
* Make a team page. Feel free to bring pictures to add!
* Write about something funny that happened while caching.
* Describe "a day in the life of a cacher."
* Create your own top 10 list for geocachers.
* Tell about the neat places in Maine that you have seen as a result of caching.

I've got some great stories to share and look forward to reading some others. So girls, can I tell them about the Etna Bog trip, or the "forky" intersection in Deer Isle? LOL