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I have a presentation tomorrow night for 2 Boy Scout troops, and was asked to speak about the do's and don'ts of geocaching. If you would list a few of your favorites I will try and include them in my presentation. I have not forgotten to mention, writing a nice log after the find.

My second project is finding as many bumper stickers as I can. They must be from Maine and include the name of a town in them. If you have any you will part with, or know of a place I can stop along the way and pick up a few let me know. Thanks for your help.
...we are on the drum theme, and this ties in perfectly with the demographics of your audience, the overall theme of being a responsible cacher. Respectful of others, respectful of property, being part of the caching community.

I bet once you get going Gary, it's all gonna come forth and the evening will be over before you know. Thank you for representing the caching community.