So, in my on-going attempt to find my first actual cache I took the GPS to Brooklyn with me last week. Talked up the game to my grandkids ages 4 and 5; they wanted to play, of course. I did a little walk around the neighborhood until I felt sure of the approximate direction (I still don't know how to set a waypoint). My son drove us up Flatbush. The kids were in their carseats in back and I had my eyes glued to the GPS. When I hit the latitude I yelled, "Turn left! Turn left!" So he turned left. And we were immediatedly escorted to the curb by a loud and flashing police car. Son was issued a summons/ticket for turning left at a No Left Turn sign. The kids were pretty impressed.
And, no, we didn't continue the search but I will return later in the month and try again.