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Thread: Thanks for hosting Slipping into Summer

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    Default Thanks for hosting Slipping into Summer

    Really nice to meet so many other cachers and put names to posts. Thanks ATTroll and Tink for hosting the meet. Also pleasant to be outside and not be wet from rain <G> Will return to find "Tink's Treasure". We had to have been standing on it but the GPS was bouncing hard.

    Anne and Joe / TwoMaineiacs
    TwoMaineiacs / Anne and Joe

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    I had the best time. Even coming in late I didn't miss out on caching. How come we didn't do the lighthouse cache? Hiking thru the mud, that wasn't on the agenda. Was it? Tat, indoor caches? Never done one of those. Can you send me the waypoint of one? Even got to meet Cheech. I loved every minute, until I had to leave. Thanks Attroll and Tink, it was the best. I'm even leaving a smile for my navigator who didn't attend. He'll be smiling when I tell him the stories. And a special thanks to my "stand in" navigator, Haffy. I hope you always remember "the button onthe left toggles". Thanks again to all who came and made this a GREAT EVENT.
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    Default The best!

    Can't say the word fun enough!! I had a great time - lots of laughter and smiles. Much, much appreciation for sharing your home with all of us!!!!
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    Learned a lot of new navigation terminology, forky right, forky left and then Rob and I came up with some new ones, forky traverse (when you turn around in fork) and reverse forky.

    Had a great time and it sure was great to wake up to that view, especially with no rain clouds!

    Thanks for a great event!

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