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Thread: Do you want to elect a new advisory board?

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    Default Do you want to elect a new advisory board?

    The time has come for Geocaching Maine members to decide whether they would like to retain the current board members for another term or if there should be a new election held to refresh some or all of the board members as specified in the Advisory Board Eligibility and Terms.

    Members should use the next few weeks to discuss this and ask any questions not answered in the Advisory Board Eligibility and Terms. There will be a poll running in the near future which will be used to decide if we will hold elections or not.

    This upcoming poll is only to decide if elections will be held. In the event it is decided to hold elections, a new vote will be taken at that time. Now is not the time to nominate anyone for the board.

    Please keep this thread on topic.

    The current board members are:
    Kaching Karen

    Board members are not necessarily moderators and moderators are not necessarily board members. Board members are elected; Rick chooses who, if any, members are moderators.

    Some of the things the board has accomplished or discussed since the last elections. Bear in mind that Rick, our webmaster has been away much of this year, so there are some possible site related discussions that have not been fully followed though yet.

    Additional site moderation.
    Possibility of an area of the forums for geocaching-related commercial entities to promote their products.
    Possibility of allowing commercial entities to pay to advertise on the site.
    Using the site's account to host events.
    Changes to the registration system to help prevent spammers from accessing the site (All new members are hand-verified now.)
    Geocaching Maine Pathtags (with the help of Hide From The Kids.)
    Improvements to the Articles menu on the front page.
    Discussions of the financial status of the web site.
    Several small site modifications.

    We have also seen the turnover of one board member in the last two years. Medawisla stepped down for personal reasons and Ekidokai was chosen to fill her position.
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    All comments are a collaborative effort of the board members.

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