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The current system was set up to not waste member's time if they were happy with the current board members. There is likely no need to hold elections every year, or even every two years for that matter since he board does not make life or finance altering decisions like elected government officials do. This preliminary poll allows the members to make that decision, but the entire board is up for review - excepting Rick as Bruce stated, since he has to have the final say in crucial site related decisions.
Well, at the risk of offending everyone on this forum, I have to say "What a rag-tag system that is!" If you have Rick as the organization's systems manager I'm all for that. But with 4 additional members (each with 2-year terms) it would seem prudent to have 2 come up for re-election each and every year. Those people can express their desire to remain on the board when their term is up. And I'd assume we'd all feel comfortable with that.

I agree that we'd all feel lucky to have the same 4 people willing to serve on the board. But if 2 people come up for re-election each year it gives others the opportunity to toss their hat into the ring. If nobody chooses to do so, fine. But to say that it is a waste of peoples' time to do so, to me seems like a good-old-boy's continuum. You then deserve every bit of criticism that you get.

I think this forum is better than that.