Hello Fins Up, thanks for sending me an e-mail letting me know about the firmware discussion taking place here. I apologize for any confusion my blog post wording caused. It's always challenging for me to describe work we're doing in a way that translates correctly to the terms used on the geocaching.com site.

In my blog post I referenced support for attributes with the PN-40 firmware and by that I meant the Name, Cache ID, Type, Size, Difficulty, Terrain, Inventory, Short Description, Long Description, and Hint. I grouped them all into the term attribute because behind the scenes they are attributes of the geocache record.

I see how this was confusing because Geocaching.com only refers to part of the cache record as Attributes... is there parking available, is it kid friendly. I've updated the blog post to clarify what was meant.

We have had the extended attribute support of the 1.01 GPX file format update on our customer wish list, it's just a matter of scheduling the work in and around all the other projects going on right now.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for pointing this out. Feel free to let us know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions on the Earthmate-series of GPS devices.

Chip Noble
Team DeLorme