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Thread: Cabin Fever 2011

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    Default A good time

    We all had a grand time:
    In attendance, Mainiac1957, tat, HikenFish (2), laroch, Kaching Karen, Cano, 4ccnhikers (Priscilla), Parmachenee (2), and Lacy. No one froze to death. That's for sure! Maniac was a superhero and got to the cabin early (through the storm) to get it ready for us. Laroch and HikenFish were the next to arrive. Lacy and I got to see a bright moon rise which was in such contrast of the storm the hour before. Last, but not least on Friday night, tat showed up at the door.
    Saturday we had breakfast and we all took off for a "short" hike to find a cache. The hike was not short and we did not find the cache, but after three miles of tough snow shoeing we were happy to head back to the cabin to find more friends and food. Cano had arrived for the night, Parmachenee and 4ccnhikers had shown up for a day-visit. It was so much fun to see everyone.
    Friday night we did some primitive fire lighting, played yatzee, relaxed and slept off our pot-luck supper and long hike. Sunday, after a great breakfast by Cano, we packed up. I wish we had more time together. I did ask if there was any interest in a new location for the event. I got a resounding "NO!" So, we'll see everyone again next year and hopefully more. Thanks to all for such a great time.

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