As many of you probably already know, The Nature Conservancy launched a widespread attack on caches located on property they claim to own.

The attack was launched by a Premium Geocaching Member named Daniel Grenier (dj_grenier is his Geocaching user name). The attacks have been in the polite form of an e-mail threatening the archiving of certain caches which The Nature Conservancy seems to think they own the land of. Their claims are rather dubious at best, as their own maps seem to be ambiguous at best to their property. The maps that I based the placement of several caches on, clearly determine a corridor through the properties made by the Power Line companies, which are openly and publically used for ATVing, Snowmobiling, and other activities, not to mention Geocaching.

After an e-mail exchange and a phone call (phone call was never returned) to The Nature Conservancy, and their CCing of emails to MainePublisher, and several highly placed Groundspeak officials, I decided to take the high road and self-Archive the two caches that TNC targeted of mine. However MainePublisher has already begun his list of archives based upon the TNC. I wish to avoid any issues with Groundspeak, and frankly, not give them, MainePublisher, or TNC the satisfaction of archiving my caches.

I'd like to see a good discussion on this issue, and offer if any of you are interested, copies of the emails exchanged with TNC and myself.